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  • 해결사 트롯수찬

    트로트에 대한 궁금증 모두 해결해주는 국민해결사 탄생 프로그램

  • 유쾌한추리

    짧은 시간안에 추리를 성공해야한다! 스타의 매력이 돋보이는 기상천외한 추리

  • 왔썸 베이징

    래퍼 키썸이 중국 베이징에서 앨범을 제작하는 멀티 예능 프로그램

  • 복숭아오락관

    게임 성공시 자기 PR시간이 주어진다. 스타 셀프 PR 프로그램

  • Stars’ Gossip

    YES or NO! Stars reveal their truest selves, stories and their capabilities.

  • Hidden Camera

    Never know when you’d meet a star! A new type of live, hidden camera starring stars’ secretly singing moments!


    Feature weekly SM STATION’s MV content starring leading K-pop sensations and collaborations!

  • Music Box

    Music content introducing the latest songs and music videos.

  • Subjective Music Chart

    Music recommendation program that recommends songs directly to viewers via video calls with celebrities.

  • Blue flag, White flag

    Playing the human version of ‘Blue Flag, White Flag’ game with Rapper Kisum, also known as ‘Gyeonggido’s daughter’.

  • Body Language

    ‘Express With Your Body’ quiz with star and viewers.

  • Twins and Experiments

    Experiments on twins conducted by twin comedians, Lee Sang-ho and Lee Sang-min.

  • VS

    Two comedians’ real talk content where they debate about little to trivial issues.

  • PSIX

    One-of-a-kind Gag show featuring six comedians!

  • Star + Talk

    A casual interview that peeks into the life of a Star!

  • Bus Concert

    A random concert in a bus - a musician/celebrity interacting with bus commuters and local citizens.

Snack Content
  • 상식쏙쏙

    다양한 카테고리의 시사 용어를 알기 쉽도록 소개

  • 사랑의 캠페인

    사연을 대신 전해주는 편지

  • Hardest Quiz

    The World’s Hardest Quiz!

  • Familympics

    A touching two-night three-day Olympics game between father and son.

  • Snacktoons

    Webtoons restructured to revive the stories of viewers.

  • Spot the Difference

    Create content revolving around a memorable old-time game ‘Spot the difference’.

  • Be Healthy

    Introduce simple health exercises to enjoy together in an interesting situational drama format.

  • G-Zone

    A trip to the hidden attractions of Gyeonggi-do.

  • Common Spelling Mistakes

    Introduce confusing and unfamiliar spelling mistakes.

  • G-Smile

    A G Bus-exclusive Event that involves Gyeonggi-do citizens to smile on their way to work!

  • G-Documentary

    A documentary that gives hope and encouragement to commuters by interviewing the daily lives of Gyeonggi-do residents.

  • His Thoughts, Her Mind

    Informational content that resolves random questions and puzzling thoughts in everyday life.